Creating Digital Opportunities for Everyone

Creating Industry Leading Softwares using Industry Leading Tools. We are creating mobile apps, web apps, and a lot more using various tools such as Flutter, React, Go, TensorFlow etc. and using servers AWS, GCP, Azure & DigitalOcean.

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What we do

Exciting services we offer

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Web Development

We create websites for school, college, business, and personal use. We build responsive websites that are easy to use and easy to maintain. We make sure that our customers get the best at their pricing.
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App Development

We use state of the art technologies to develop apps for Android and iOS. We use the latest technologies to develop apps that are user friendly and easy to use. We use customer's chosen method of building, deploying and maintaining their applications.
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IoT Devices & Services

At Techsalicious we are commited in producing the best hardware and integrating with it's best suited Cloud Function (if needed). We specifically tailor the hardware needed for each of our customers.
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Artificial Intelligence

We use Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing to automate any operation, gain insights from Big Data, ensure fail-safe decisions of your business, and more.
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Big Data & Data Analytics

We gather your business data to help your overall business to streamline operations and improve business decision-making.
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Data Visualization

We provide impactful BI solutions to different domains leading companies to get impactful insight out of their data.

Core features

From an Idea to a Product to a Successful Business

Ideation & Branding

Ideation & Branding

Starting from brainstorming ideas to a working prototype, to a fully fledged product, we help you in every step of the way
Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales

Markerting of the product, sales, and support of the product, we are here to help you with everything possible

What we offer

Exciting Features we offer

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Smart Features

Smart features like use of Cross-Platform SDKs, and use of the latest technologies to make your website/app more user-friendly.
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UI Designing

We design the most user-friendly design for your website/app. Our team of designers will help you to make your website/app look great.
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Cloud Services

We use any Cloud Service you want to make your website/app more secure and reliable. Our team of Designer will be with you.
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Software Customization

We make Softwares according to your liking & needs. Any amount of customization is possible just contact us.
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Marketing Solutions

We will help you to make your business more successful. Our Marketing team will be there for your Growth & Development
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Customer Support

Customer Support is our main priority. We will be there for your support & help whenever & wherever you need it.

About Us

Who are we?

Initially founded by three friends we are now company creating the best experience for our customers. We are a team of passionate people who love to create and build products that make a difference. We create all kinds of softwares ranging from Mobile Applications (both on Android & iOS), Websites, Maintaining, Migrating Services, to adding new services to existing app/website. We are also creating Windows Applications, IoT devices and softwares for IoT devices.

Whats the function

Let’s see how it works


Client Onboarding

⬤ Initial Discussion

⬤ Proposed features of the Project

⬤ Timeline Assessment

Designing User Interface

⬤ UI Designed according to the your requirements

⬤ Design Finalised


Project Development

⬤ MVP of the Project is developed

⬤ Iterations of the Project

⬤ Final Testing & Delivery

Marketing & Sales

⬤ SEO Optimization

⬤ Social Media Management & Marketing


Meet Client Satisfaction

Get your question answer

Frequently asked question

How much time will you take to deliver the project?
Time will depend on the scale & complexity of the project. We deliver you project as soon as we can.
How much money will you charge for the project?
Every project is different. We will work with you to determine the cost of the project. We offer best rates as per industry standards.
I have a product idea, how do I get started?
We will help you to establish your Product starting from Organization Formation, Product Development, Product Marketing, Product Launch & Support.
What are the career options in your company?
Currently we are not hiring, drop your CV at [email protected]. We will let you know when we are hiring.